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Submitting Your Logo

When a logo is created there are many formats in which it can be saved so it can be used by different software. We work mainly with .eps files, this is what is known as a vector graphic, which means that the image can be enlarged to any size without losing quality. If you have access to an .eps file, that’s great and you should send us that one. If not, you may well have a .pdf, .jpg (or .jpeg), .tiff, or another version saved by the person who created it. Simply email what you have to us and we’ll advise you on what we can do with it.

Logo Size & Placement

We also need to know the approximate size you want the logo to be and where on the clothing you want it to be placed. Below are a few of the main positions:

  • Front Left Breast
  • Front Right Breast
  • Left Sleeve
  • Right Sleeve
  • Large Across the Front
  • Large Across the Back

Or a combination of the above e.g. Front Left and Large across the Back. 

Other placements may be available upon request, so if you don’t see the position/s you need, please feel free to contact us and ask.

Fonts & Typefaces

If your logo includes text, you may well require a specific font to be used. If you know the name of the font, then please let us know as this helps us recreate the logo perfectly. In addition, if you intend to add other text such as team names to your garments, we can match the font up with your logo so the branding looks the same throughout.

Names & Positions

Many dance schools like to have the students’ names added to the clothing and in some cases when working on a show may also like to include a person’s position, such as ‘Musical Director’. This is all possible; just let us know what you require and we’ll set it all up for you.

Product Enquiry
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